The R&D Park’s Startup Development Program has been launched for researchers and entrepreneurs working in the field of precious metals.

01 About

The program offers broad opportunities for researchers and entrepreneurs to develop their projects in collaboration with Krastsvetmet.

What is R&D Park?

R&D Park is the first infrastructure in Russia for technology development and its transfer to industrial partners. Russia’s biggest precious metals refinery – Krastsvetmet is a core industrial partner of R&D Park.

R&D Park’s activity goes beyond precious metals field into the areas of new products and new businesses development helping Krastsvetmet to achieve its strategic goals. Industrial partners and members of R&D Park are involved in this activity, enhancing its output. R&D Park members are provided with professional evaluation for their developments, opportunity to pilot-test their projects at the existing production, access to the newest laboratory equipment and precious metals for the research purposes. Financing opportunities are affordable through the established Krastsvetmet’s partner network.

Why do we do it?

R&D Park and Krastsvetmet utilize the principle of open innovations. It assumes that companies should use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and external paths to market, as the companies look to advance their technology and discover new products. It is fulfilled in collaboration between business and science entities.

What do the participants get?

Krastsvetmet experts will provide professional evaluation of all the projects to the Program’s participants. The authors of the best ideas will improve their projects with the Krastsvetmet’s specialists teamwise and have the chance to implement their ideas with the company or develop them in partnership with R&D Park and Krastsvetmet.

02 Program stages

Project selection includes several stages, and each stage offers new development opportunities. Participants


Applications submission

Applications are accepted before October 15, 2017


Applications review

Krastsvetmet experts evaluate applications and provide the feedback before November 1, 2017.


Mentor sessions

During November, the program mentors, technical specialists and economists, will help the authors whose projects were selected to prepare for on-site expert review and to present their projects to experts and company management.


Final stage

Project presentations to experts and company management


The program is available to all types of technological startups at any stage of development.

The authors of promising projects – scientists and entrepreneurs – will get the assistance of experts to pass the fast way from the idea to ongoing business and find partners and investors.

04 Experts

Maxim Irishkin

Head of innovation projects

Aleksei Kornienko

Head of project engineering

Mihail Nikulin

Head of R&D center

Evgeniy Pavlov

Head of R&D center division

Pavel Horikov

Chief industrial engineer for industrial appliances division

05 Preferences for winners*

  • Up to RUB 1 mln funding for the best projects

  • Funding for R&D

  • Access to precious metals for experiments without purchase**

  • Access to the R&D infrastructure

  • Assistance in business plan elaboration and fundraising

  • Assistance in preparation of applications for state funding

  • Offer on further cooperation with the Company

  • Access to the Company's partner network

*Preferences for winners are determined in accordance with the Regulations on the Startup Development Program, depending on the stage of the project development.

**In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation

06 Frequently asked questions

It is impossible! All projects are reviewed exclusively within the company, without involving external experts. If necessary, confidentiality agreements will be signed with all participants.

You should definitely submit the application if the project matches the subjects of the selection. If Krastsvetmet shows interest in the ideas, the company will continue cooperation with you.

Experts will assess project advantages, feasibility, commercialization prospects, prospects of integration into Krastsvetmet’s production, competence of startup participants. For more detailed information on the selection criteria, please see the Regulations on the program.

If your project has passed the remote expert review, we will certainly contact you. You can also write to us to receive our immediate response on the results of the expert review.

The winners of the program will become residents of R&D Park. The terms will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the subject and needs of the project.

Yes, absolutely. We are interested not only in new companies but also in developed startups, provided that they use original and promising developments and wish to implement a joint project with Krastsvetmet.

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